Thanks for The Business

Northwest Backpack Specialties is now closed

Many years ago NW Backpack started with a simple mission - to provide high quality outdoor products at excellent prices. And we succeeded. We are proud to have served thousands of you!

NW Backpack was always a small business. Just a couple of us who loved the outdoors and enjoyed selling outdoor products over the Internet. But as online commerce hit its stride, it became increasingly difficult to compete with larger operations which offer free shipping on nearly everything. Our suppliers felt the squeeze too, and their increased costs were passed along to the their customers.

Ultimately, each of us involved with NW Backpack from the beginning made the decision to move on to other things. Mostly, to enjoying more time with friends and family!

We sincerely thank each of you who did business with us over the years, and we wish you the best.

NW Backpack Specialties